Here’s what some clients had to say following their dramatherapy sessions:

“I felt I needed to write to you to express my gratitude for…working with us both in a fun and therapeutic way. [Our] relationship dynamic has greatly improved having an observer outside the family to reflect, explain or give ideas on moving forward on everyday issues that arise. I really think all parents nationwide should have some access to these services, for the general mental health of all involved.”

“The dramatherapy was useful because it made me think outside the box.”

“Nancy was open and made me feel at ease.”

“Nancy was enthusiastic and inventive in her sessions; she opened my eyes to the amazing world of dramatherapy.”

“Nancy was very inclusive and innovative in her approach.  I was extremely impressed with the [30 week] programme she successfully delivered.”

“Dramatherapy was helpful because it built up my confidence – it was a very different way of working to talking therapy.”

“It kept me distracted when my mind was whirring.”

“It is fun to express how you feel in the form of a character, playing a variety of roles. I would have liked it better if we had more time.”

“It is easier to express my emotions by playing a role than just talking about it.”

“I feel dramatherapy has benefited me in quite a few ways I’m just sorry it couldn’t go on for longer.”

“I liked it so much more than the talking therapy I had before – it was more free style and non judgmental.”

“I learnt a lot through dramatherapy – like maintaining my anger, expressing my feelings – Nancy is awesome and the best therapist ever.”

“I found Nancy’s sessions really helpful as we met all of the objectives we set at the beginning – I was able to open up more in these sessions.”

“I enjoyed the group because I got to learn about a lot of new feelings.”

“I have made new friends and can now deal with my anger.”